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Made an art blog, cause I've been doing a lot of art lately.

i really am in love with the time character from hug me im scared, and im lovin the designs tumblr is making up, i just had to jump on board and draw him too.
sleep deprived drawings 
souless sam
Spock chibi

i was just bored
my Pokemon oc, Drystan, is afraid of ghost Pokemon, even though it loves him.
frozen doodle, Elsa, not too happy with this one, i need to practice more, welp it was just a doodle. took me like 30 to an hour to do.
breaking free
was practicing wings, cause they are hard.
dont worry about the the.baker.st.club this is not stolen thats my fandom blog.
emptyfabric said: I've just found your tumblog and found it amazing. What software do you use in creating digital art?

Oh! thank you, im only just a beginner at digital art, i use the program paint tool sai that i downloaded from a how to video on youtube, i find that the program really agrees with the way i wanna draw and is simple to use.

Az and Floette by KitsuneDango
Ferret31 by KitsuneDango
Kelly by KitsuneDango
my friend asked me to draw her