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My passion is art, and hopefully i will achieve my dream in becoming a animator.

late night doodles.
i think this is my regular drawing style.
chibi goat
gaia base user: Burnt Edge
ram lamb, colored
 Neon Genesis Evangelion -Shinji Ikari -
fave character, why cant he just be happy?!?!?!
kaworu nagisa
for still-not-your-division , because she wont shut up.
red wolf prince coronation 
I have no idea why i made this.
artseke said: Hey! I was wondering how you registered for the Khaotic Kon Artist Alley?? I've been trying, but their merchant center isnt available on myconsonline!

yeah omg, it took me so long to figure it out too, khoatickon has decided to try a new ticket system called everbrite, and some more cons of thinking to switch out mycons for everbrite, so look out for that, so far i think all the tables are sold out, and you just gotta keep and eye out and see if anybody gives up their table, but i doubt it cause there’s a pretty hefty fee to give up a booth.

i was soo angry before, cause i was on the mycons site for an hour just waiting for them to sale, but yeah everbrite is their thing now, so is shadocon too.

Got a table with some friends, if your in the area come say hi, i know i will be making prints,keychains,stickers,and phone charms. and lots of commissions.